2013  Documentary “Every Flavour is a Journey” (Jedes Aroma ist eine Reise) Selected project of the Berlin Theme Year “Destroyed Diversity” .

2012   Zurückgeben Grant for the production of the documentary   “Jedes Aroma ist eine Reise” (Each Flavour is a Journey).

2009 Darwin Initiative – DEFRA – UK. Series of four short videos for the environmental awareness campaign of the  project “The Last Survivors” , for the conservation of the hutia and the solenodon in the island of Hispañola.

2004 Chilean National TV Council (CNTV) Third Prize. Category: Non Fiction Series for Cazadores de Ciencia (Science Hunters ) produced by Cábala Producciones

2004 Chilean National TV Council. Third Prize Category : Regional Programe for the series Herederas (Heritage) produced by Cábala Producciones / UCV Televisión

2003 Local Production Fund Chilean National TV Council (CNTV). First Prize for the series Stories of Payne Nguru produced by Cábala Producciones / Décima TV

2003 Corfo Award. Public fund for audiovisual production development for the pilot program of the series Cazadores de Ciencia produced by Cábala Producciones