Funk Productions supports the Chilean vote abroad



Funk Productions is proud to announce that is actively supporting the campaign “Haz Tu Voto Volar” (Make your Vote Fly), which aims to get the right of vote without conditions for the Chileans living abroad.

The latest activity was a worldwide demonstration, in which 35 countries and 125 cities took part. This unprecedented event, had also a strong media coverage and the support of some politicians and local celebrities.
The demonstration was intended to make a statement about the strong will of the Chileans who live abroad to be part of their country’s civil life. The same logo, posters and paper airplanes, were the common denominator for all the different activities that took place around the world. A paper plane made with the Chilean flag, which flies towards a voting box, represents this symbolic slogan. A similar event was done on the 16 of March, when 15 cities participated.

The administrative set up of the citizen and constitutional voting rights is one of the big dreams of the vast majority of the Chileans who live abroad. Despite several legal attempts to put this right into practice, the lack of political will has avoided this to happen.
This is a particularly difficult situation for the Chileans abroad, as Chile is a highly democratic country and one of the few that do not warranty this right to their citizens, who for the most diverse reasons, happen to live outside their country.
Tired to wait and on the doorsteps of the next presidential election, a group of Chileans based in Berlin, decided to join forces with other compatriots living abroad. As a result, the worldwide campaign “Make your vote fly” was born.

The coordination is being done as a completely voluntarily activity, and its aim is to get the attention of the authorities before the next election, which will take place on the 17th of November. Although the Chilean President, Sebastian Piñera gave on the 21st of May, in his yearly speech some hope to take on board this request, it is not clear if it would be possible to vote in the next election; and if it would be granted for everybody or if conditions may apply. He also stated yesterday at the Tv program “Tolerancia Cero” that  a constitutional change is required. The opposition doesn’t agree that this would be a legal requirement, as their right to vote is already granted in it.



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