Every Flavour goes to Cracow

Today is a great day for Funk Productios. Our latest documentary ” Each Flavour is a Journey” will be shown for the first time for the general public.

Thanks to The Jewish Community Center of Cracow, the film will be shown in an open screening, for both members of the community and the general public.

So far, in our visit we have enjoyed of a wonderful Shabat dinner at the JCC, where we had the opportunity to meet some members of the Jewish community in Cracow. We also visited their very impressive premises, which show how they have been working hard to overcome the permanent association of Jewish Cracow with the Holocaust and the terrible loss of a community which before the was the 25% of the city’s population.

Fully branded in green and orange, this wonderful revival was possible thanks to the Prince of Wales, the Jewish Relief Fund and the JDC, and of course thanks to a wonderful team of very enthusiastic and committed people.


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