Each Flavour was tasted at the Limmud Festival in Werbellinsee

920506_10200424847557716_1820071449_oOur documentary “Each Flavour is a Journey” has finally the opportunity to be screened in Germany…and almost in Berlin (not there yet…)
The film was part of the program of the Limmud.de Festival, a four-day event with more than 150 workshops on various themes. The event is organized by volunteers in their free time over many months, and is only possible thanks to the active cooperation of all participants. The Limmud.de Festival is not a conference, but a shared event in which everyone is a student and virtually everyone can also teach.

This year Funk Productions screened the documentary in English and German, which were both very well attended. Our hungry audience had then the possibility to go immediately from the screening to the dinning room, where a fantastic kosher catering was served all around the event.

This year the Festival place in the EJB at Werbellinsee. EJB was originally a camp for Young Pioneers in Communist East Germany. After 1989 it was modernized and turned into a modern recreational site. It is located in the Schorfheide Nature Preserve on Werbellinsee Lake just outside Berlin.

For the moment the german capital will have to wait, as Cracow is our next stop in our journey. Save the date and get your train ticket to watch our film at JCC Cracow on the 20th of May!

Pictures ©Oliver Bradley
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