Funk Productions supports the Chilean vote abroad



Funk Productions is proud to announce that is actively supporting the campaign “Haz Tu Voto Volar” (Make your Vote Fly), which aims to get the right of vote without conditions for the Chileans living abroad.

The latest activity was a worldwide demonstration, in which 35 countries and 125 cities took part. This unprecedented event, had also a strong media coverage and the support of some politicians and local celebrities.
The demonstration was intended to make a statement about the strong will of the Chileans who live abroad to be part of their country’s civil life. The same logo, posters and paper airplanes, were the common denominator for all the different activities that took place around the world. A paper plane made with the Chilean flag, which flies towards a voting box, represents this symbolic slogan. A similar event was done on the 16 of March, when 15 cities participated.

The administrative set up of the citizen and constitutional voting rights is one of the big dreams of the vast majority of the Chileans who live abroad. Despite several legal attempts to put this right into practice, the lack of political will has avoided this to happen.
This is a particularly difficult situation for the Chileans abroad, as Chile is a highly democratic country and one of the few that do not warranty this right to their citizens, who for the most diverse reasons, happen to live outside their country.
Tired to wait and on the doorsteps of the next presidential election, a group of Chileans based in Berlin, decided to join forces with other compatriots living abroad. As a result, the worldwide campaign “Make your vote fly” was born.

The coordination is being done as a completely voluntarily activity, and its aim is to get the attention of the authorities before the next election, which will take place on the 17th of November. Although the Chilean President, Sebastian Piñera gave on the 21st of May, in his yearly speech some hope to take on board this request, it is not clear if it would be possible to vote in the next election; and if it would be granted for everybody or if conditions may apply. He also stated yesterday at the Tv program “Tolerancia Cero” that  a constitutional change is required. The opposition doesn’t agree that this would be a legal requirement, as their right to vote is already granted in it.



Some feedback form Cracow!

“Every Journey is a Flavour explores two fundamental elements of our peoplehood: food and migration. By looking at Jewish immigrants in Berlin and how they cook, Daniela Rusowsky provides valuable insight into the transmission of memory and what connects Jews to one another. Highly recommended!”

Jonathan Ornstein, Director JCC Kracow

Every Flavour goes to Cracow

Today is a great day for Funk Productios. Our latest documentary ” Each Flavour is a Journey” will be shown for the first time for the general public.

Thanks to The Jewish Community Center of Cracow, the film will be shown in an open screening, for both members of the community and the general public.

So far, in our visit we have enjoyed of a wonderful Shabat dinner at the JCC, where we had the opportunity to meet some members of the Jewish community in Cracow. We also visited their very impressive premises, which show how they have been working hard to overcome the permanent association of Jewish Cracow with the Holocaust and the terrible loss of a community which before the was the 25% of the city’s population.

Fully branded in green and orange, this wonderful revival was possible thanks to the Prince of Wales, the Jewish Relief Fund and the JDC, and of course thanks to a wonderful team of very enthusiastic and committed people.


More information at

Each Flavour was tasted at the Limmud Festival in Werbellinsee

920506_10200424847557716_1820071449_oOur documentary “Each Flavour is a Journey” has finally the opportunity to be screened in Germany…and almost in Berlin (not there yet…)
The film was part of the program of the Festival, a four-day event with more than 150 workshops on various themes. The event is organized by volunteers in their free time over many months, and is only possible thanks to the active cooperation of all participants. The Festival is not a conference, but a shared event in which everyone is a student and virtually everyone can also teach.

This year Funk Productions screened the documentary in English and German, which were both very well attended. Our hungry audience had then the possibility to go immediately from the screening to the dinning room, where a fantastic kosher catering was served all around the event.

This year the Festival place in the EJB at Werbellinsee. EJB was originally a camp for Young Pioneers in Communist East Germany. After 1989 it was modernized and turned into a modern recreational site. It is located in the Schorfheide Nature Preserve on Werbellinsee Lake just outside Berlin.

For the moment the german capital will have to wait, as Cracow is our next stop in our journey. Save the date and get your train ticket to watch our film at JCC Cracow on the 20th of May!

Pictures ©Oliver Bradley
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Living with Dead Jews

It is good to be creative, but it is even better to be critical. At Funk Productions we are both, we create, generate controversy and give constructive proposals to improve. Read this highly explosive article about the current German jewish relation in Berlin, published in AVIVA and written by Daniela Rusowsky, and tell us what you think.

Aviva Magazine

A Jewish Style Event

Last night I attended the official presentation of the Writing Girls project at the Insel Gallerie, not far away from what it used to be one of the centres of Jewish life in Berlin. I came home really pleased to have experienced an encounter with a group of people who really care and who understand what it means to deal with the Jewish heritage of the city, within a Jewish perspective.

But what does it mean to have a “Jewish perspective”? Why here everything made so much sense and in the Themenjares of Berlin 2013 Zerstörte Vielfalt (Destroyed Diversity) all feels so artificial and dull? Why in the context of AVIVA magazine, with FAR less budget, all the participants seemed to have got it right and were able to transmit an intense emotional connection between the women they wrote about, and their own personal story?

And I think that there are several crucial points that make such a significant difference. When we talk about a Jewish perspective, the first think we need to understand is that is not a straight forward thing to do, because it goes in layers, that not necessary fit one of top of the other. Imagine a cabbage where all the leaves have a different colours, and the cut it in the middle and see how this multicolour shape looks like.
That is what I mean with a Jewish perspective, many opinions, points of view, diversity, in-fighting, joy, talking, tears, love, lots of laughing -specially about our own bad luck- and food on the table. A Jewish perspective means to start a little bit late, to be a little bit noisy, that the food is more important that the alcohol and that health problems are going to be sooner or later part of the conversation. That doesn’t mean we are superficial, but improvisation is part of the style, because it means we are human and we are alive.

In the writing girls project each participant engaged with somebody from the past into the present, and then opened some questions into the future. We all dealt with the question of identity. Do other people have such a big issue regarding identity as we have? Maybe not, but good for them, because is not an easy stuff to carry on your shoulders. We are made of migrations and a long history that is difficult to get rid of.

What about not doing Pesach any longer…and then comes the guilt… other of our best friends… What do you mean with no more Pesach? Over 3,000 years of tradition for you to just get rid of it with no regret? Not mentioning the issue of all those Jews that have lost their lives over the last thousands of years….
And we change topics in the conversation very fast, and the Jewish artists are not Jewish mainstream, neither the researchers, scholars and scientists. So why to remember the intellectual Jews so much? Why to claim them as Jews in the first place? Isn’t it a very narrow and unfair point of view of history? Ok, I admit it, there is no way to make the jews happy, we will always complain and speak out, maybe that is the reason of why we have not been so popular.

There is always controversy when the Jewish perspective comes to place, and it is sad that all the great current diversity of Berlin, which is certainly not only Jewish, is not being understand by the politicians and the mainstream part of society. The destroyed diversity has rebuild itself as a collage, and we are here to remember, to honour and to get together creating new life, hopes and dreams, by dancing, eating, chating, writing and so much more.

The “Writing Girls” go public

The Writing Girls Project – our Director, Daniela Rusowsky is one of them- is having today its first public presentation. There are currently ten different projects online and during the next months at least three more will be published in AVIVA magazine.

The presentation will take place at 7PM at the Insel Galerie,
Torstr. 207 – 10115 Berlin, and has a small fee of €4

Each Flavour goes to Vienna

The documentary Each Flavour is a Journey is on the move. The pre-avant premier will take place next Thursday 14 th of February, as part of the Program of the Bet Deborah conference in the Austrian capital, and will not be open to the general public.
The film has not been shown in Germany, but we expect to announce the German screenings by the end of March.

Each Flavour is a Journey, is now an official project of the city of Berlin 2013!


Jüdisches Kochen in Berlin entdecke

Ein Film von Daniela RusowskyDer Film ist eine Reise über die Kunst der jüdischen Küche im heutigen Berlin. Er gibt Einblicke in das jüdische Leben in der Stadt und ist ein wirksames Medium, um Bewusstsein und die Kenntnis über aktuelles Judentum zu stärken, Barrieren zu brechen und Dialoge zu fördern.Der Film konzentriert sich auf Lebensgeschichten von Menschen, für die Kochen ein wesentlicher  Bestandteil ihrer jüdischen Lebensweise ist. Er zeigt Menschen, die aus verschiedenen jüdischen Hintergründen und Ländern kommen. Hier, in Berlin, werden das jüdische Leben und seine Kultur wieder lebendig. Zu einigen Rezepten, an denen bestimmte Erinnerungen haften, haben die Köche und Köchinnen besondere Beziehungen. Sie geben den Gerichten eine religiöse, symbolische oder auch emotionale Bedeutung, die weit über Geschmack und Aussehen hinausgehen. Somit wird jedes Essen mit seinem einzigartigen Aroma zu einer fantastischen Reise in die jüdische Kultur. Und zu einer Erinnerung an die mehr als 55.000 Berliner Juden, die während des Holocaust starben. „Jedes Aroma ist eine Reise“ ist nicht nur ein Dokumentarfilm über jüdisches Kochen in der symbolträchtigen Gemeinde Berlin, er porträtiert auch Migration, Erinnerungen und Jüdische Identität.

Dieser Dokumentarfilm ist eine Botschaft der Hoffnung und des Friedens.

©2012 Eine Produktion der „Funk Productions“ mit Unterstützung der Stiftung „Zurückgeben“