All together for dinner

I love having guests for dinner. I enjoy cooking and setting the table with all those stuff you have no opportunity to use. Crystal glasses, the good cutlery and the new tablecloth. It is great to talk, laugh and even argue a little bit. This time my audience was very special, as most of them were very good chefs themselves and part of the documentary “Each Flavour is a Journey”. They had to approve the film, not only the food.

After one hour of stress, I could tell by their faces, that they were happy with it, and apart of a couple of spelling mistakes in a name and some acknowledgements missing, there was nothing serious to be redone.

They met each other for the first time and we had fun. Unfortunately not all of them could make it, but at least I had fourteen people watching at the film and ten sitting at my table. The menu started with the traditional blintzes, which are being served as first dish in my family for one generation after the other. After that roasted aubergine puree, salad, burrekas and other recipes that I have stollen for other family traditions.

I was honoured to have such a wonderful bunch of people getting together, creating a network of creativity, exchanging contact details and sharing their passion for art and food. The languages mixed. We started talking English, continue in German to then switch back to English, while you could hear some Hebrew and Russian and Spanish at the background.

I am proud of myself, of the post-production team, the filming crew and of all who open their heart and their privacy to make this film possible.
Thank you all guys!

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